Tecola: Business innovation from idea to success

About Tecola PLLC

Tecola is a niche law firm for and by entrepreneurs where innovation, forward thinking and sustainability are key. Tecola does not limit itself to legal analysis, but always works out solutions against the client's financial background and helps with the development of pragmatic and strategic implementation in the company.

Tecola supports both private and public undertakings in doing sustainable and efficient business as well as assuming their corporate social responsibility. Tecola provides both preventive and curative support in the three major areas of Technology & Privacy, Communication and Legal Services in accordance with the highest standards of discretion, quality and transparency.

Core values

The name Tecola is based on the key values it guarantees:
  • Technical: Tecola is both a practical and academic absolute specialist in the (sub)domains it offers services.
  • Economic: Tecola pursues an optimum price/quality ratio and at all times is transparent with regard to approach and rates.
  • Concrete: Tecola wants to give clients the most pragmatic and feasible solution, and is not afraid to think out–of–the–box.
  • Original: Tecola's oxygen and core responsibility are entrepreneurship and its original approach. Tecola does more than just provide legal services, it also thinks along (pro)actively and anticipates its clientele's (future) business strategy.
  • Legal interim management: Tecola also offers tailor–made in–house services for one or more legal (sub)domains or during reorganisations, and regularly contributes to the (co–) drafting of legislative norms such as decrees, royal decrees and other regulation.
  • Anticipatory: One of Tecola's biggest strengths is that it not only focuses on providing a solution to a concrete issue, but that it always integrates it in the client's internal operation, and meets all possible counter–arguments and future developments.

Generally speaking, Tecola can be summarised in one single phrase as follows:
“Business innovation from idea to success”.