Technology & Privacy

Tecola has a strong focus on intellectual property agreements in hardware and software related to ASP, Cloud & SaaS, consultancy, distribution, escrow, franchising, confidentiality, hosting, licensing, maintenance, development, outsourcing, service level and timesharing. Also more traditional commercial agreements, such as concessions, commercial agency and commercial lease, are drawn up.

Within this pillar, Tecola also provides preventive and curative advice and assistance on privacy–related topics. Several aspects are important in the processing of personal data. Tecola not only draws up agreements relating to the processing, joint processing and independent processing of personal data, but also provides advice on ambiguities and "grey areas" in the current and future regulations, and works out an affordable and efficient privacy policy, charter or regulation. Finally, Tecola can also advise and support you both as a certified “Data Protection Officer” and “GDPR Lead Auditor”, helping you to respond appropriately and efficiently to a data breach, or advise you to improve the security of your information or conduct an audit to investigate if your business is compliant with the current privacy regulations.


In this second pillar, Tecola takes care of all communication aspects related to the effective and efficient implementation of a legal or strategic reorganisation. This implies, among others, explaining in more detail developed strategies and solutions to the board of directors, assigning and explaining the tasks to the executive committee and providing the necessary information to one or more (specific) shareholders and/or other stakeholders of the company.

In this context, Tecola also develops internal and external lectures, training courses and workshops that enable the client to gain an initial in–depth understanding of a specific subject, solution or strategy developed by Tecola, or to learn about the latest changes to specific regulations and to find out what the impact will be on their business. Furthermore, Tecola guides the client whether and how to optimally carry out a certain communication within his own organisation or to the outside world.

Legal services

Tecola provides advice and support to private undertakings in the establishment of the company, its expansion and further development, as well as its possible dissolution and liquidation. These include the selection of the appropriate legal form, the establishment of an SPV, shareholder agreements, drawing up articles of association, prevention of (directors') liability, mergers, acquisitions, reorganisations, B2B and B2C focus, numerous trade agreements, the Enterprise Continuity Act (WCO), bankruptcy and NPO–regulation.

Tecola also provides services to public enterprises and other public law entities. They focus mainly on developing power delegations, the division of powers, a balance between state aid and public procurement, (social) services of general (economic) interest, aspects of workable competition, the reorganisation of public services through mergers and acquisitions, the establishment of an SPV, management contracts, governance, GPGG and ESA.

Tecola assists both private enterprises and public undertakings in a wide range of aspects relating to real estate (transactions). These include building contracts, DBFM, lease and purchase agreements, real rights (= rights in rem) with in particular building structures and apartment co–ownership (assistance to the general meeting, property manager and co–owners in numerous discussions linked to this type of joint ownership).